Client oriented, architect powered

Immortalise the intrinsic value of architecture in a virtual snapshot of the intangible.
Give existing and potential customers a narrative they own, but you tell.


High end clients value experience as much as they value outcome. Traditionally, access to technology has limited the former.
ConceptV is correcting that.

Breaking into the high end market

Via invitation, the founder and CEO of ConceptV, Tim Geldard, delivered a lean-in for the architecture community. Specialising in behavioural science, property economics and cognitive philosophy, Tim presents deep research into the mind of the high-end consumer and the restrictions on the Australian architect.

Learn about the Australian market analysis [01:39], high-end client behaviour and expectations [06:04], the technological landscape [19:50] and opportunities for Small and Medium Enterprises [49:00].

Virtual Hubs

Intuitive and widely accessible, Virtual Hubs are an extension of architectural software that enable rich and lasting experiences from a distance.

Made from your design software
100% accessible online
Simple to generate
Agnostic and on demand

Convenience and Connection

Virtual Hubs give customers ownership of their design when and where they need it. Immediately familiar and available within seconds on any device, sharing the experience is as simple as opening a phone or sending a text. By providing an interactive and intimate experience that isn’t dependent on booking a time or being tech savvy, clients can share the personal connection with their important people, near or far.

Fun and Feel

Virtual Hubs are built on the fundamentals of cognitive philosophy - they’re made to evoke emotion. High quality lighting and shadows, detailed key materials and control give people a truer experience of the way a space feels - regardless of the stage of design. On any device, smart interactivity and seamless navigation give users the ability to properly gauge visual-spatial aspects of their design and get a deeper understanding of their design.

Customer Response

Integrating Virtual Hubs during the design process improves communication, without hassle. Feedback from architects and their clients show greater connection throughout the process.

Reported improved
Saw happier, more
emotionally-invested clients
Found our integration
process easy
Had no difficulties using
our Virtual Tours

Straightforward and On Demand

We’re passionate about making technology available to all. Configuring your own Virtual Hub is a simple, straightforward process that maintains your control over how your designs are portrayed.

Upload design files
Configure preferences
Complete revisions
Publish and share

Upload your files and select scope

You don’t need to do anything special, simply upload your design files. Close off areas you don’t want shown, open up areas you do - right from your current software. The platform is a geometric mirror of your design, so check for major issues before uploading.

Configure your Virtual Hub in a few minutes

Choose UI settings, lighting, materials and assets to be replaced, detail to be added and much more with a simple Q&A form.

Enjoy beautification and easy access

Realistic lighting, detailed key materials, asset replacements and any other selections made during configuration are upgraded in the scene. Navigation and UI are built into the platform and published back for you to use how you need to.

More information coming soon, stay tuned!

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