Our Process

Our process was designed to integrate seamlessly with your current business operations. We do the hard work and provide you training and ongoing support.

Existing Files

We build our Digital Tours with the files you already have. Simply send us 2D or 3D files in native format (preferred) or use one of our alternative methods.

Competitive Pricing

We can tailor our Digital Tour features to meet your budget and project requirements. Our design stage solutions help you identify errors and reduce design and building costs.

Quick Turnaround

It takes us as little as 3 days to build a basic Layout Tour. Staged release available for projects with timeframes over 4 weeks. Contact us for an estimate!

Our BIM platform was designed to Integrate with any workflow, and is compatible with any software. You don’t change most of what you do, we’ll just help you cut back the tedious tasks. Agonising over wording an email and testing your Pictionary skills to convey your idea to an engineer is where we work our magic.

We’ve made a straightforward process so we only need a small amount of time to get you started.



Every company is different, so each project is tailored to fit. During our Briefing stage, we spend up to an hour asking about your goals and discussing strategies to address any drawbacks.


Proposal Outline

From our Briefing session, we provide a detailed list of services that are suitable to your objectives. You choose the parts you want, and we remove the parts you don’t.

Project Start

Once a proposal is accepted, you send us the files and information that we need to get started.


Project Review

Upon agreed stage(s), we provide you with a working copy of our deliverable for you to test out and give us feedback.

Project Delivery

Project delivery may be in a single or multiple stages depending on the initial agreement. All materials, instructions and content is provided to you in a cloud drive.



Once delivered, we organise a training session to make sure you’ll get the most out of our technology. Reference material and ongoing support are also provided.


Digital Tours

Share and embed links for infinite distribution. QR codes provided for printed material.

Markup Tool

Make comments within the platform, and invite relevant users to collaborate.

Renders & Videos

Available on request. Extend your Digital Tour application with guided videos and high-quality images.


All correspondence, annotations and revisions in one place. Track enquiries, views and user preferences.

Analytical Reporting

Learn more about your target market

Learn about your audience preferences

Custom data tracking, filters and access permits

Improve your sales and marketing strategies

Free Proposals

Find out how we can assist in your next project