About Us

Based in Brisbane, ConceptV is an ambitious global collaboration of property specialists, technologists and designers.
We have been operating in the Australian market since 2018, delivering projects of all types, stages and sizes.

Our team leads innovation

We pride ourselves on finding unique solutions to broadly recognised problems in the design and construction industry, both from the end client and professional perspectives. Our team has a diverse range of experience, and we constantly brainstorm new ways to approach every challenge.

Our mission is to consolidate the design and building process by delivering an accessible, universal platform that puts every stakeholder on the same page, without disrupting current practice.

“I started ConceptV while studying Property Economics. The inspiration came when my parents designed their first home. They had a great architect and great builders, but it was still delayed and they spent months finding things they wished they’d done differently. Everyone did a great job, but it wasn’t about how good they were. The industry is just disjointed, and it leads to a lot of problems that aren’t really anyone's fault. I started this company because I wanted to make it easier for everyone to do their job, and for people to be happy with what they’ve made. I don’t want to change the industry, I just want to help people connect the dots.”

Tim Geldard

ConceptV CEO & Founder

Don't take our word for it!

“ConceptV's Virtual Tour allowed my clients to make a detailed list of changes in a single round. My design process has been streamlined from the reduced variation requests”

Mat Dagg

New Home Consultant

GJ Gardner

“It’s a fantastic tool and so easy to use. It’s provided us a unique perspective on how the house will actually look”

Nick F.

New Home Buyer


“People are really able to understand and tangibly see what they're getting”

Eloisa Greenham

Marketing Manager

Penfold Property

“If we had a Virtual Tour available in the early stages of our planning process, our queries could have been covered over the course of one or two meetings, saving us the several backs-and-forwards during the planning process”

Diana & Peter French

New Home Buyers


“Having this kind of centralised system really helps when coordinating projects with engineers”

Steven Bishop


SJ Bishop Architects

“During the construction phase, interpreting plans and renders can be quite challenging. With ConceptV, the intuitive 3D model of the SeaChange project has brought to life what our client has envisioned for their home, making complex design decisions easier onsite, saving money and time”

Pete Richardson

Site Supervisor

GRAYA Construction

“ConceptV has the potential to be a game-changing innovation in the way architects and building designers can further client engagement.”

Weian Lim



“Utilising the platform from ConceptV was incredibly easy. It took our design ideas & brought our 3D renders to life. It was great for the clients to have a user friendly platform they had ownership of to show to their own friends & family.”

Wayne Greenland


Habitat Studio Architects

“I was very impressed with the quality and level of detail produced in the ConceptV virtual tour, as were my clients. Looking forward to using it on my next project.”

Demis Roussos


HecticrAt Architects

“We’ve used other visualisation software before such as Enscape but ConceptV’s product is much easier to produce and far more effective.”

Evan Pickering


Focus Architecture

“The innovation that ConceptV is bringing to the market enables communication on a whole new scale. With their technology, we would be able to curate economically viable design principles for suburban living through wide facing communication and feedback from the public.”

Andrew Milward-Bason


Urban Creative

“Creating a design for a client takes a lot of back and forth, and we often run into problems where a client doesn’t fully comprehend what we’re proposing. ConceptV is bringing a much needed change to how design projects can be presented and shared between professionals and clients.”

Barbara Albert


Alkot Studio

“This tool is a much-needed solution for our sales processes. Since COVID-19 started, people want to see and do more activities online. This includes the freedom of planning their design without relying on a consultant, in their own time.”

Keith Richardson

General Manager

Imagine Kit Homes

“The product ConceptV is bringing to market gives us new ways to compete against larger builders. Further, their product is capable of showing multiple different options inside the virtual tour, meaning we can easily show customers the options available to them for each design.”

Luke Shephard


Belco Constructions

“The Virtual Tour is making us think about the space as a whole, before we build it, avoiding mistakes and profit loss.That’s ultimately the value of the 3D model if compared to traditional methods.”

Jason Blair

Property Director

Reds Group

“One of the main things that impressed me was how multifunctional their products are. We can chop and change parts of the Virtual Tour, post it online, and integrate it with our brochures. We can generate images, link QR codes, and connect it to display screens. That gives us a variety of engaging material for clients in all stages.”

Grant Plummer


GAP Development Sales

“Having an interactive visualisation tool had a significant positive impact on our project, from making the right design decisions upfront, to involving my friends and family, through to day-to-day management decisions and effective cost management."

Lindsay Birley