The most versatile 3D platform in the industry

Suitable for every project type

Luxury Homes

Bring a touch of sophistication to your project and give your clients the wow-factor with the most convenient technology on the market.

Residential Developments

Virtual Hubs are great off-plan sales tools! Showcase private and shared areas on developments of any size, from townhouses to high-rise apartment buildings.


We have delivered Virtual Hubs for offices, restaurants, and all kinds of facilities. We also offer market-specific solutions, such as display villages and live configurators.

Suitable for every project stage

Design Development

Consolidate and collaborate on different aspects of a design in a simple 3D platform - structure, finishes, interiors, landscapes, lighting, context and more.

Variation Management

Reduce variation rounds with effective visualisation and communication tools. Keep track of queries, requests and comments in a centralised user dashboard.

Marketing & Off-Plan Sales

Augment your marketing campaign and captivate your clients with an intuitive, immersive platform that reaches people anywhere in the globe

Get more value from your marketing budget! Integrate your Virtual Hub into physical displays, digital or printed material with links and QR codes. Embed to your website, share on social media, text or email to clients, and track every click.

Who uses our Virtual Hubs?

Our platform has been used by all kinds of professionals and end clients - even kids and grandmas - so we're confident it's easy to use and adds value to everyone. Our current solutions cater mainly for the residential market and the user groups below, but we have exciting new products in our pipeline, so stay tuned.

Architects & Designers
Builders & Developers
Sales & Marketing Agents
Clients & Home Buyers

Staged deliveries for peace of mind

No need to get it right the first time. We build revisions into every project and offer staged deliveries to reflect gradual decisions, as you may have design elements that haven't been defined yet. You decide when and how to do it! See an example below.

Stage 1 - Concept Design

Stage 2 - Design in Progress

Stage 3 - Ready for Marketing & Sales

Image Renders - Complementary Deliverable


Our virtual platforms are cost-efficient and available at variable pricing. Our aim is to give our clients the right value, so your budget goes where it’s most important. Scope, project stage, property type, navigation features and file quality are the major impactors on pricing.

Submit an enquiry with some basic information and we’ll get you a ballpark figure. After that, we can work on something more detailed to fit your needs.

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